Elfs With Attitude is a production by:


We are Santa's Elfs; we look just like all the other Elfs but from the inside we feel slĂ­ghtly different; We absolutely HATE X-Mas and our job and life as an Elf or as we call it: "Santa's Slavery System"

Making long days while only getting candy-paycheques.


And so we tried to break out; desperately searched freedom, because for normal humans Christmas is a feast, but for us it's the cold reality of daily hell.


We were forced to out our anger and frustration and therefore we formed a band; a band ready to fu... Rock(!) the world!

And now all is in perfectly ordered chaos!


Help us, Elfs with Attitude, to realize our dream of escaping the system for the benefit of art! DONATE for LESS HATE!


Santa's Elfs formed a band. And ever since they show the truth behind Christmas; with humor, a sharp tongue, cool music and lovely metaphors.